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Have you ever fell victim to a cold calling conman?


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Got to work today and my landlord who owns the business next door told me he got ripped off by a guy yesterday.

This guy turned up and was selling android tablets. He told him that this was the latest tablet and connects to the internet for free by using satellites and could even connect from the top of mount everest. He was asking £150 for this tablet and showed him the same one on the internet that was priced for £300.

My landlord, ever the one to buy anything for a knockdown price bid him £100 and the guy obviously ripped his arm off to take the money. He said he didn't want to disturb me to ask my opinion because all he could here was me hard at work with air sanders but as soon as the guy left he realised he'd lost his satellite connection.

He asked me to have a look and what he's bought is a 6" Jellybean  tablet with wifi. I tried my best not to laugh or take the piss (I've not had a rent rise for 2 years) but i'll tell you, it was damn hard not to.

This is the same guy who had a 2 day stop off in Bangkok en-route to Bali and managed to buy himself £3500 worth of worthless gemstones because he was told they were worth 5k when he got back to England and rang a gem dealer. Yet somehow he's managed to become a millionaire.

Got to hand it to the guy though, to turn up with a tethered tablet and spout all that bullshit face to face must have some balls. My landlord is a big guy and the lads who work for him ain't to small either.  The receptionist even said that the guy was really convincing and she's normally a pretty good judge of character.


Anyone else or do you know anyone that has been ripped off in this or a similar way?

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a builder took me for nearly £300 the other week ,did half a job and said he needed materials ,never seen him again but the prick left his tools and ladders so wasnt too bad, another lesson in human behavior learnt, he had done loads of work for me before too without any issues ,seemed a canny lad just shows you cant trust anyone

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I bought some expensive liquorice once  :$


A housemate bought some speakers from some guys in a van they "had left over from an installation they were doing in a night club" back in our student days. They started at like 600 for a pair and did a deal at 300 for what we later learnt were 80 pound speakers from the cash n carry.

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