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what would you do?


what would you do?  

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  1. 1. what would you do?

    • try and save yourself
    • assume the floating position
    • be glad to get away from the wife
    • let some one else nearly drown trying to save you

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I would fight like hell to survive and also I know me, and wouldn't hesitate to help anyone else who was being swept away. But then I would get the stupid idiot filming it and throw him in the sea the Pratt how can you just stand there and film it and not help ffs. What is the world coming to ?

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Was reading not so long ago that the correct thing to do when sucked out by a rip tide or the like is to let it carry you and when you've stopped going out then swim back in. Saves energy rather than trying in vein to swim against it.


Now obviously if you standing on a beach you would at least try for a bit to stop yourself getting carried out instead of floating like a turd lol

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