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Sweet Quiz Part 1


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[align=justify]Can you name the sweets? Just copy and paste the questions then put the answers at the side. Couldn't fit them all on one page so having to do two posts.[/align]


[align=justify]1. Sly giggles                                                                               [/align]

2. High class thoroughfare                                                        

3. Money making royalty                                                           

4. Dark occult                                                                             

5. Mother’s local

6. Clever folk

7. Various black items

8. Sport for princes

9. Frankie Vaughan wanted it

10. Good children get these 

11. Feline equipment

12. Garden flowers

13. Assorted girls

14. Dairy holder

15. Arrange marriage partners

16. Edible fasteners

17. Wobbly infants

18. Talk quietly

19. Big bus

20. Gem orchard 

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