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Wolfenstien Enemy territory


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I've played this game since its release back in 2003, for me its by far the best FPS ever made and i still play it daily if possible.


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a downloadable, free-to-play multiplayer game in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. It's a team game; you will win or fall along with your comrades. The only way to complete the objectives that lead to victory is by cooperation, with each player covering their teammates and using their class special abilities in concert with the others.


I used to play with a few shack members a good few years back (peddler, H, Riso, etc) and always had a laugh...there are plenty of servers still about that are busy enough to have a good game and what not so if anyone fancies it then you can get the full installer from etkey.org.




If anyone does download it i can give you a few IP addresses where you'll be welcome to play without being kicked or banned for being a noob so to speak OR i could probably get a server up and running and we can either play a campaign against each other or we can play 1 on 1 winner stays on etc....lots can be done with the game and the various "mods" give it added features.


Here is a video which will give you an idea on the gameplay etc.



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Will def have to have a play mate, i'll set up a server with valhalla on or something so we can see how good your skills are. ;)


Being legacy you'll no doubt play on a lot of etpro/pub servers but what mod do you prefer? etpro/silent/nit/NQ? i played etpro for a few years while in a clan and played in matches/scrims etc, my clan sponsored a team called ^idle so they could play in quakecon 2006 and they went on to win and become world ET champs....Irata and Lucel were devs on the NQ mod too and i was their beta tester, so the NQ aim and hitboxes are actually prety good for me as i had a fair bit of input.


Nowdays the "pro" aspect is pretty much dead tbh and the comps have all more or less dried up.... but like i say there are still play plenty of servers out there that are full each day....i'll install legacy if thats your prefered gamplay etc and i'll see if i can get Irata and a few older players and game devs to play.


Watch this space.






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Lol you'll kick my ass on it as I only really played it alot when we played on the shack server, like I said since then I've always had a dedicated lan server which I'll play with my kids now and again and some bots.


Would love to have a play online again though but don't expect me to be any good as I rarely play many games now.


Before converting to etlegacy I used etpro and before that etpub but I'm so crap it doesn't matter what mod is used lol.


As long as I know the map in happy.

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Nothing really can be done to stop cheating mate, even PB missed most of the decent haxors and although they stopped support for ET many servers do still have PB active as most of the hax for ET are oldie jobs that PB still picks up and kicks/bans for.....i just adopt the attitude that if you pwn me over and over your a fooking cheat. lol


I think its more about which server you join and what not, the servers i play do get the odd aimboter (rare though) but they are usually very obvious and get banned straight away by the server admins etc who are alert and keep the servers clean, saying that i have been banned a few times from servers for "hax" just because i killed an admin. I think pub/silent has its own anti cheat stuff too, nto too sure about what legacy uses but can easily find out, up side to having the devs in my friends lists. lol.

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