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apple blocks unofficially repaired phones


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The latest software update for iPhone 6 handsets is allegedly rendering the devices useless if it detects repairs not carried out by Apple.

The problem is known as "error 53" and has appeared in Apple products before.

The Guardian reports that users' phones were disabled after the Touch ID home button was repaired by a non-Apple engineer.

The issue appears to arise once devices have been updated to the latest operating system, iOS 9.

In its report, the Guardian cites the experiences of a freelance photographer, Antonio Olmos, who says the problem occurred on his phone after he upgraded its software.




how can they get away with this, you simply buy a phone, you dont enter into any "exclusive contracts" with them so how can they get away with rendering it useless if you dare get it fixed anywhere else?

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Dont touch Apple over priced tat. Hopefully this will finally show apple for the scamming twats they really are. Over priced cables, unique headphone connectivity & now this. Its like they are going out of there way to rip people off.

On a positive note, some will finally move over the Android which may help bring the price down ;)

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Just another reason why Crapple are starting loosing the mobile phone market.


My daughter updated her Crapple phone yesterday.


Took over 35 minuets to install and another 10 for it to boot back up, could of flashed 10 Androids with new updates in that time.

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It's got to be illegal, at least in the EU in the same way that forcing motorists to use franchised dealerships to maintain warranty was deemed to be anti-competitive and illegal a few years ago.


I'm so glad that I'm not a crapple fan boy

That was my thinking mate.

How can you buy a phone for several hundreds of pounds only for the manufacturer to "turning it off" when they don't like what you've done to your property.

As I said earlier there is no "agreement" when you simply walk into a shop n buy a phone.


sent from my phone

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It's only the home button/fingerprint sensor but still does't make it acceptable.


i know it's a security component but Apple are just naughty with their MFI certified cables etc etc and now this. I hope they lose the sales they deserve from this but I feel some iSheep are just too heavily hypnotized.


Next time a fanboi gives you the usual reply 'well Apple products just work', ask them if they know what error 53 means lol

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