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Is this a lot??


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Can be about normal. Format and start again, not worth fixing as there will be problems.


It's like our Forum, needs a fresh start.


haha, all fixed mate (well more or less). Clean install would be the normal course but the laptop had no cd drive and of the 2 USB ports 1 was broke and the other worked when it wanted.


Luckily she has her "newer" laptop arriving from Spain next week so she can still use the shit one till it gets here.

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tbh most of that will be tracking cookies or other harmless crap. I had a laptop in for repair a few weeks ago that had 16500 different bits of Malware on it.



Quite right, most were tracking cookies etc but she had a good 100+ proper nasty ones, took a more than malwarebytes to get it up and running ok ish again......just amazes me how these people can put up with it runnign so slooooooow and shite for as long as they do. I know more or less straight away when me PC isn't running as it should be, hell i can even tell just from the sound its making. lol

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