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Loadiine GX2


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Hey everyone,


it was a very long way to this point but now we have a good starting point for a open beta. It has the main features implemented. The compatibility should be the same as on v4. Most of the things needed to know are written on the front page by @Cyan (thanks). It should be working equivalent to 5.3.2 and 5.4.0 and has two launching methods, one mainly for developers as we dont want to write the executable everytime to SD and one for users where the launching is faster.


The SD Loading will later be changed to a real launcher. I plan to add a small GUI to it and also support launching other ELFs. But thats for the future.


The new Loadiine GX2 shows the usuage of GX2 and other nice libraries. It should be very simple for developers to start a 3D game homebrew or some application GUI homebrew from that. I will also provide a separate library to have a quick start on 2D GUIs later. Right now this is what I managed to do with the little free I had.


Well lets start testing and try to bring a good and stable release for the new Loadiine GX2.

So here it is:



I hope you guys will have fun testing it as we had fun building it up.



One more thing to the developers out there:

You will need the portlibs and libogc packages I provided on the site within your devkitPro path to compile the source code.


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Just a couple of updates ...

GX2 beta 0.2 loads a bit quicker now as all the Loadiine files are stored on your SD card and you can get it all started by following a single bookmark twice from your browser to run the kernel exploit and launch Loadiine.


Good news for those with the newer 5.5.x firmwares

A kernel exploit has been leaked so you can run Loadiine too


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