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Fed up with all the bickering! And idiots thinking they run the whole scene!


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You all know the history, a long time ago, murdoch and NDS, thoic bla bla bla....


The old timers, got together and made a pack about new hacks coming out (sky, nag3 etc) and we all went underground. 


There is a certain black book about running a forum... Certain rules we all have to abide by within the scene. 


As those that deem themselves  to have the power, dont want to lose it and let you regular members not know whats actually happening. 


Well im truly sick and tired of people thinking they are  above others. Iv fucking had it with the scene. 


Heres the stupid black book of rules, all these power hungry idiots want us to follow. They want to keep you in the dark, and be power mad hungry bastards.... and Im about to change shit!




Fon ( if you dont see me tomorrow, maybe I was wrong lol) 

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