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muesli and wind


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Ive started having a bowl in a morn instead of the tried and tested safe toast or cereal but now I'm been plagued with a bad dose of flatulence.

I'm getting all the usual remarks "Go the toilet" and "Your disgusting" but it just keeps coming. These are seriously loud, they can be heard back bedroom to living room. Infact I farted earlier while the wife was getting out the car and when she came through the door she said "Is that you !!??" I'm like "what ??" Hardly likely.

Is there any wind remedies or should I come off the bird seed brekkie ?

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Nothing you can do Goldy ya old fart :D

I used to use oats as my main carb source , stuck at it for a few months to see if my body would get used to them - severe bloating, cramps and farting like fook. Had to ditch them as EVERYONE was complaining and i looked and felt like a bag o' shite.

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