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why are there are no threads on three price increase


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Love the last comment from 3


"We have a lot of tariffs that we no longer sell and moving customers to one of the new plans will ensure they can enjoy the benefits of these plans."


What benefits can the new plans have over a unlimited plan that's currently almost half the price lol

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They have changed the goal posts constantly.......


Got my kids onto 3pay due to the free Skype forever which they stopped!


You only had to topup every 90 days then that changed to every 45 days!


On my and the wife's tariffs we used to have unlimited tethering which they stopped and capped it at 2gig a month.


They have gone from the cheapest to one of the more expensive networks.

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Had a spell with them when they first came on the scene, many moons ago, they were totally bobbins.


Never used them since, until they did the three like home and have put the wife on it as a guinea pig :D 


I never saw the £17 all you can eat, so always paid £27 for it :(


All good so far though. Hammered it on holiday and it didnt cost a penny extra. Better than O2 charging £1.99 per day for 21 days away!

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thats old news


i was kicked off "the one plan" ages ago, which i ended up leaving them


Would not entertain EE due to past experiences, O2 seem expensive for what you get and vodafone gave me 18 months of pure hell. Joined virgin (using EE network) but the service was terrible


Ended up going back to three on an £18 tariff with 4gb data which is ample for me

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