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Car accident - help!


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So first thing I need to say is Fuck*ng Insurance Companies!!!


Now I've got that off my chest...


Apologies in advance for the wall of text!!!  on 8th Jan I was in a bit of a collision - nothing major. Stopped on a roundabout at traffic lights (Chain bar at Cleckheaton near Bradford on the A58 if anyone knows it). I'm third car in queue, one of the middle lanes. 


As we are at the red light (and it was rush hour - 7.25am), the cars coming onto the roundabout filled the available space, and a truck trying to get to the inside lane blocked ours after the lights. 


Lights go green and as lane is blocked car no1 doesnt move - waiting for the traffic to move on.


Car no2 doesnt like this - goes into reverse (to presumably go round car no1) and comes barrelling into me. Luckily I had the handbrake on so didnt go into the car behind.


Car no2 starts driving off, but I flash him as I start following him and he pulls over in a layby just off the roundabout (on the A58 towards halifax - bit of a truck stop).


We have a chat - look at cars - his is a company car (works for Kings Security in Bradford) can't see any visible damage at the time as its dark etc, but I snap a pic of his car anyway. he writes down his name and number and off we go.


I get to work and take some pic's of my car when its light - turns out a bit of chrome is scuffed and there is a bit of a gouge in the paint on the bumper - so not much on the outside, but car had been rattling - all the plastic insides of the bumper are broken and loose.


I give the insurance company a call that night, give them all the details including hsi name and number etc - and insurance company arrange for car to be fixed. Turns out later that day that his details are incorrect - no one at the company with that name and phone number is not correct (although I suspect its prob close to his real one as he wrote it without thinking too much).


Now - I hadn't heard off the insurance company so I give them a call - turns out he is now claiming I drove into the back of him! Cheeky Fucker - and is now claiming whiplash etc...


To make it worse - the insurance company are siding with him claiming its the most likely scenario...fuckwits!!


Any suggestions on how to take to forwards? I'm pissed off that my insurance will go up anyway never mind having to cover my excess and lose no claims etc for the car fixing...


Cheers guys :)

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Make sure your "Witness" makes a statement.




Yeah I ballsed up on that one - they asked if anyone was in the car with me - I said no. then they asked if anyone came to our assistance - I said no. then they asked if that meant there were no witnesses....


so fucked up on that one myself

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Shit one noj. Looks like it's your word against his. I've had this happen to me before when a stupid tw@t drifted into my lane scraping my jeep. She apologised and we exchanged details etc. Then when it came to making an insurance claim, she blamed me! She put in whiplash etc, so i did too. Ended up going to court and it settled as 50/50. Both our insurance premiums got fucked over.

Not fair in the slightest but shit really does happen.


Have been meaning to install a dashcam but never got round to it.

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You need an independent witness. Not someone who was in the car. You've got no chance otherwise, they will always assume you drove into him, no matter what you say.

Your best bet is to dispute everything and make it this crystal clear to the insurance company. The best you can possibly hope for is a knock for knock claim where your insurance company pays for his damage and his for yours. You will not have to pay excess on the claim but it's still a claim.

I see this often because of my job ( bodyshop ) I bought a dashcam a few weeks back. My insurance is a trade policy and my no claims are not protected. I've seen so many customers get screwed over by dishonest drivers that it makes you realise that for 30 quid it's crazy not to have one.

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Me ? , I would do this, say when you said "witness" I thought you meant another driver/witness, I was confused so say ,"Does my wife, bro, sister, uncle, friend (whoever) who were sitting in the car at the time of the accident count ?, can they give a statement ? I didn't think I needed one as the guy said it was he's fault but they said they will now"., then get a duff statement , eye for an eye. Or get a m8 to give a bullshit statement as an unknown ., say he was at the accident....wrong I know but so is what the other guy has done.


I certainly don't wanna sound like a "I told you so", but a dashcam would have been your witness. I run 2 camera's , 1 front , 1 back for both mine , and for my son who's been driving a few months. They cost £80 for 2 with a 32gb fast Micro SD Card. If my son get a bogus claim his premiums would be that high he'd be uninsurable.

This is the one

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goldringers....how have you got your cams wired up....i want a rear cam but running wires around the car is a pita. Ive got my front one hard wired to the fuse box. Theres no power point in the back for a rear cam.


my old jerloppy has a 12v in the hatchback boot so I'm lucky but my son's 206 doesnt.  I bought a cigarette lighter socket/plug extension cable for he's rear camera.  The cable runs behind the rubber door seal, across the top so only a few inches between the doors is exposed. Then down the passenger rubber seal, under the foot well to a 2 way cig lighter adapter I bought plugged in just above the gear stick. 


He's both work fine and and come on/off with the ignition. If you want the details of what I use I'll dig through my ebay history for you and where I got them


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+1 for dashcam.

Someone was just telling me the other day that they got bumped while stationary when a chav turned into him at a junction.

The chav said to his insurer that it wasn't his fault, claim went in and that he had hurt his neck. Mate at the last minute produces dashcam footage on purpose to show up all the lies..... and then got a call from chavs insurer offering to settle directly :-).

It's the best way to deal with scum like this, let them do their web of lies, then drop em in it at the last minute

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Just get someone to witness for you, if he's doing why not you ?. I Know I sound like some old washer woman going on but it's all the reason to have cameras both back and front. We have just sorted a false claim out after bang on 3 years, it showed on our latest insurance new policy that we'd had an accident in 2013. I hounded the fockers till I got it scrubbed.


Stick to your guns no matter what they say, get somebody to witness for you and write every time date and name down in a log, beleive you me you will need it to draw back on,,,good luck m8

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