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HP Pavilion laptop , keyboard suddenly stopped working


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My sister in law has a HP Pavilion model 15-n270sa laptop but the keyboard has suddenly stopped working. I tried uninstalling it and rebooting and removing battery holding the power down all that to the point were I reset the thing to factory state but it still doesn't work.

My usb keyboard works ok and the onscreen keyboard but I'm at a loss as to why this won't work.

Any idea's ?

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Does it work during boot up ie can you get into bios? Note: from HP site " If you find the keys don't work in the Bios menu, then this is likely to be a Hardware issue."

when I tried to remove a HP keyboard a year or two back for my daughter there where loads of screws to remove to get at it, still had about 8 left when I put it back together and it still didn't work ffs

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I took the keyboard off via youtube video, I removed the clip /ribbon and cleaned it all with switch clean but it still wouldn't work. So i connected it back up and didn't screw it down and when it asked for the lappy password I bent it and typed and it started to work so it seems it's a fooked keyboard.

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