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Activation tools & guide for updating tomtom maps (May 2015)


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Here's a copy of the guide I put together last year. All links are still working but you will have to update the meta file for any newer maps.


Albert's v6.15 activation tool :-




This tool has to be copied onto your device and then run from your device using windows explorer.




BBS Tools :-



This tools needs to be installed and then run on your PC & have your tomtom connected to PC.



FastActivate :-




This tool can either be copied onto your device and then run from your device using windows explorer.

Or you can run this tool on your PC - it needs your tomtom to be connected to your PC.

It can also activate maps on an Android device.





If you want to use a copied map on your device you either need to use a " S/E "navcore version (already patched).


Or you can patch your own ttsystem file, all the above tools will do this, but firstly use Tomtom HOME to update to the latest available official version.






To use a copied map, firstly make sure the map version you have will work on your device with your navcore version. Usually if the map has all the features - ALG, IQ Routes, Cspeech, ASR & HNR - then you will need at least Navcore v.9.01* or higher. Most other maps will work on Navcore v 7.8** or higher.


No maps can be activated without the correct meta file info. With all the above tools you can update the meta file online, sometimes when new maps & meta files become available there may be a delay in the update, but you can then edit the meta file using notepad.


Delete your old map folder before adding the new map - do not try to overwrite the folder.


Saving your Home Location, Favourites & Recent Destinations - copy the file named 'mapsettings.cfg' from your old map folder to the new map folder - WARNING - sometimes this can cause your Tomtom to freeze during start up, if this happens then use windows explorer to delete the mapsettings.cfg file. You will then lose all your favourites etc. If these are important for you then save them all as POIs.



Postcode files :-

Copy the folder named " zip " to the root of your device (or replace the contents in the existing " zip " folder).


To update the postcode files on an Android device - rename the file named " Great_Britain.Postal " to " postal_GBR.ttd " Copy this file into the map folder on device (you do not need the other postcode file).

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