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Phone spammer at midnight


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So last night in the middle of the night ( 12.00 )some guy who sounds out his face calls the house number looking for Russell. God knows who Russell is. Anyway despite being told I don't know a Russell he decides to call back not once ( 12.30 ) but twice ( 1.00). Only stopped as I took the phone out the socket.


Checked this morning and he didn't withhold his number, so he will now be spammed to death by all the PPI / accident claims and life insurance enquiry's  I have put his number into


Oh and as I didn't have his name I had to make it up so, he will be getting calls looking for Mr Tiny Cox, Mike Hunt,  Moe Lester, Mike litoris , Dixie normus , Jack Goff  and Willie Stroker to name a few.

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