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Everyone please start a thread


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As title tbh


Being a new forum its going to take a while to get any sort of momentum going, and while us mods and admin have been busy this last week trying to get this new(er) site some sort of content its going to take time........SO i think if members could try and start at least 1 thread about something that they have an interest in then we can get this place up and running a bit quicker.  Plus it'll give us an idea on the forums direction based on the threads started and the uptake of those threads.


As with the last site it doesn't have to be anything special but even if say 10 members started 1 new thread each then thats 10 new thread which in turn have 10 possible conversations to get involved with etc etc.


So pick a nice new forum/ sub forum and get posting a thread peeps. Once the forum starts to get some more momentum content wise i'll remove this thread.


Thanks to all of you for your help and understanding








P.S My only rule is NO daily mail threads...at least to start with.

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