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Whats your hangover cure?


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was at a showbiz bash the other night so instead of drinking cider all night (which doesnt give me a hangover) i was drinking all sorts,

wine, sambuca, beer, whisky etc etc

and low and behold i was fekkin absolutely dying all day yesterday.

my belov'd irn bru just wasnt helping keep the vomit down or the sore head shivering paranoia away.


so apart from lying in bed all day or getting drunk again how do you cure yours?

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My hangover cure is not drinking


Think it has caught up with me, I remember the days as most of you will where you can fill your boots and get back in it the next day


Now I am diabilitated for approx 3 days but generally when I have is something hot like a pot noodle in the morning while a bit drunk before murder kicks in.

really don't drink now, probably not drank now for a few years.


I like the greener more natural stuff

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How the hell do you get Valium for use as hangover cure? Right song and dance for me to get it for other conditions, but to use for hangover cure would get me slung in asylum !!!!


Wait a minute, now I think about it, there may be an underlying cause??? [emoji41]



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No such a thing a cure, tried the hair of the dog too often, turned me into an alcoholic, haven't drank now in almost 17 years best decision I ever made. Lost everything through it plus it turns you into a liar and a thief and ruins too many lives. Right that's me off the soap box, i just couldn't handle it

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If I lucky I wake up fairly early and during this waking up feeling great stage, if I get some food down my neck found anything fried or good old porridge and either iron bru or flat coke, then no sign of of hangover, if I wake and it's already started, then no hope bed all day, in the dark tail between legs feeling sorry for my self with no compassion from anyone lol

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