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remover default apps app for 9.03 (at a cost)


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youve been able to hide them but (apparently) you can now remove them for good on non jailbroke phones


(from the torygraph)


 now there is finally a way to remove the iPhone's default apps, although it is only available to Apple developers - requiring you to pay £79 - requires a bit of technical confidence and a full reset of the phone. Although it is complicated, it suggests that Apple might finally be ready to allow users to remove default apps.

For users who want an easier way to remove apps, there is a method that allows you to do it without downloading any special software, although the apps return when the phone is turned off and on again. For this method, scroll further down.

Reddit user bfodder revealed how iPhone users who have downloaded the beta version of the new iOS 9.3 software, using a beta version of Apple's Configurator program that lets businesses and schools manage the devices, can get rid of stock apps.


How default apps can be removed

Doing this requires a computer and a bit of technical confidence, so if you're not happy with doing it, you can try the method further down.

  2. Sign up for the iOS beta programme so that you can download the iOS 9.3 public beta - the full release is not out yet. There's a full guide on signing up for the beta programme here, including backing up your device.

  3. Once you've done that, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update to download the iOS 9.3 beta.

  4. Download Apple Configurator 2.2 beta. This requires an Apple developer membership, which costs £79.

  5. Users can then set up a configuration, selecting an option that says "Do not allow some apps". By entering commands for these apps, like "com.apple.stocks" for Stocks, they can be removed from the iPhone. A full list of the commands is here.

The easy way to remove apps (temporarily)

This method, introduced in iOS 9 last year, can remove apps, but they return when the phone is restarted. Here's how it works


  2. Put the apps you want to delete in a folder

  3. Press and hold on those apps so they begin jiggling, as if you were to delete or move an app

  4. Drag that app to the edge of the folder to move so it moves the next page of the folder, but keep the app in place when the page has moved

  5. While still holding the app, press the home button. It should fly off the edge of the screen.


or you could just buy a decent phone  :angel:

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