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SEEDR - Cloud based torrenting for free


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Looks like a lazy mans seedbox,might be handy for the odd bits n bobs :)

Full story - https://torrentfreak.com/torrent-from-the-cloud-with-seedr-160117/

Most people download torrents with desktop clients such as uTorrent but with a simple user interface and tiny learning curve, Seedr takes torrenting into the cloud. Hiding users' IP addresses from the public and with a totally free tier to get people started, the service is rapidly gaining traction.

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Just tried it and  private torrents ie torrentday are not allowed for free accounts, not sure if its work paying for.



Not worth paying for mate, if your going to go the paid route you may as well get yourself a proper seedbox and have done with it.


Can't see the point in this service tbh as most thing si download tend to be bigger than the 2 gig limit on the free account, plus you still have to download from them to your PC anyways.

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I've always been quite lucky with my torrent ratios on private trackers tbh so never had a need for a seedbox, i'm well up on my ratios on the likes of torrentday and iptorrents etc....tbh if i wasn't i'd simply get what i wanted via public sites and not care about my ratio so would need a seedbox even then.

Maybe its just me but i find people spend a lot on top of their BB bills for things they really don't need. Take the above offer for example, i can't think of 1 useful reason any average joe bloggs would use that free offer for, i mean yeah if you download via private trackers and want to use a seedbox to get your ratios up then i get that, but you can't use the free offer on private trackers which leaves you the public ones....BUT is no real need to share on public trackers (wont get banned for not sharing).... If its about IP privicy etc.....well most should be using VPN etc anyways if usign torrent.


Don't know, other than getting your ratios up on private trackers as mentioned i just can't get my head around the need for them, even then you may as well donate and gain upload credit, would work out cheaper.






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