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I saw a thread and was going to comment but it's closed. It was about the new forum.


Well here is my thought on it. I didn't go on the other forum and even if I did, I would have registered here . Its up to me where I go and if I stay.  I am sure people can make up their own minds.  I go where I am welcomed. If people don't like it then personally  I couldn't' care less it's their problem not mine. I like it here it's friendly everyone has made me feel welcome. Lots of other forums are not as friendly and there  are in cliques, which isn't good for any forum as  you have to breed new life which this one is doing. SO LONG MAY DATASHACK CONTINUE. You have my support and I will try and be a valuable member of your community. Over the years I have been on a few forums, some them welcome women and their views and others that haven't. Hopefully and by the look of it this forum is one of the very few that welcome women.


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