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Netflix deals ?


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Thanks Boyce but Kodi for me is more trouble than what its worth. Im halfway through of watching "The killing" on Netflix & the quality is mint and the next episode automatically starts and remembers where u go to when u come back to it.

That may sound like something small, but when the kids are using it i know i wont have the headache of searching for a working stream that isnt glitchy or a possible missing episode within a series.

I installed Blackbox which is supposed to be one of the best. For me half the streams didnt work and the quality of the movies/TV series looked like 320p


I began watching "Blood and Oil" last year on kodi but soon found missing episodes and non working streams. Ended up downloading the lot the "old way" ;)

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Go with the Wookie wizard build and set up an account at http://trakt.tv with that it will save all your TV programs & favourite Movies then head over to wookie build and find Stream All The Sources aks S.A.L.T.S


Enter your Trakt account pin it will show you how and all series are linked and episodes marked as watched this also works in the new Velocity addon.


So if you ever have to clear Kodi again just do the same again and alls back to the way you like it. ;)

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