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People dont seem to like me much for creating this place


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Guys, girls, 


When DC shut I tried to keep the comunity going. 


Now im getting flamed on the interweb because people think I tried to steal you as members from someone else. 


Its causing a lot of bother and I really dont need the hassle. Its cost me a lot of money, and iv spent a long time on it. 


Im going to try and make it work, but this will mean changes in staff members etc, as people are not happy with all the bother this has caused. (rightly so)


Ill leave own staff members to make their own posts, 


You need to be aware that we need to move hosts. This means for the next 48 hours, any post you make here, may not appear to save in the forum. 


Just basically come back after 48 hours and check your posts, you may need to remake them again. 



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