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Star Trek, or Star Wars?


Star Trek, or Star Wars..?  

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  1. 1. Star Trek, or Star Wars..?

    • Star Trek
    • Star Wars
    • Neither interest me

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You can only choose one!


Star Trek for me, Never really watched the starwars films properly. 


But Iv prob seen every episode of star trek apart from deep space 9, (to boldly stay in the same place and wait for stuff to happen!)



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Star trek for me too.

I only liked the first Star Wars film, the rest just didn't do it for me.

I used to get stoned and watch Star Trek the next generation on Sky every night, seen every one but was so wasted i can't remember most of them. They were damn good though.

I've not seen the new star wars but will wait for a 3d blu ray copy to watch on my projector.

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Fon , that poll is always gonna be Star Trek m8. Even when its not. Who in their right mind could even contemplate any sort of competition between the 2 !!!!!


Now a poll between which start trek series is best might be a bit more interesting. For me , Voyager tops the vote.


Star Wars .......phffft :D

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Star Trek for me. I saw the 1st 3 star wars movies in my formative years and enjoyed them very much , but the almost constant exposure to Star Trek held my attention more. The following 3 prequels for star wars were pretty crap imho, the acting was cardboard and the characters were plastic. All versions of Star Trek held my attention sufficiently to make me want more and I think that's what swung it for me.

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I love both but I love Star Wars more. Episodes 4-7 obviously the best and 1-3 are ok (well 1 is a bit of a travesty).

I've watched all the Trek series and think Voyager is best followed by TNG then Enterprise. DS9 got good towards the end but there was so much quasi religious bollocks that many episodes were very dull.

WTF was ST The Motion Picture about? That is a great insomnia cure right there. Wrath of Khan though is epic :)

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