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Tutorial #3 Stan James £20


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Open an account with Stan James and deposit £10.

Qualifying Bet

We need to place a £10 bet with Stan James in order to qualify for our free bet.

Use the oddsmonkey website to find a close match between the Stan James back odds and the exchange lay odds. Or if your a tight arse and haven't paid for it then your need to find a match and compare the odds between stan james and betfair. 


The back odds need to be at or above 1.8. NOTE - Your Stan James odds may be appearing in fractional format. You can change this to decimal format in your account settings.


Once you've chosen what to bet on and checked that the odds are correct, use the calculator on oddsmonkey (this is free)  to work out your bets.

  • Select "Normal" at the top.
  • The bookmaker stake is £10.
  • Enter the Stan James back odds.
  • Enter the exchange lay odds.
  • Enter the lay commission (betfair is 5%)
  • Press enter on your keyboard.

The calculator will show you your stake and your liability. The "liability" is the amount you need to deposit into Betfair (but the lay amount is what you'll type into the stake box). Deposit the required amount. Then place your £10 Stan James bet, and then your exchange lay bet.

Free Bet

Stan James will credit your £20 free bet within 24 hours of your bet being settled. This means you need to wait for the match to take place and bets to settle before you will receive your free bet. Once you receive it, it must be used within 7 days.

We now repeat the same process again: use oddsmonkey  to find a good bet for your free bet. Now, for free bets, it's a good idea to use higher odds in order to maximise the profit. I would advise you look for something with odds above 4.0. However, remember that the higher odds you use, the more liability you will need in the exchange, but the more money you will make.

Use the calculator to work out your bets.

  • Select "Free Bet (SNR)" at the top.
  • The bookmaker stake is £20.
  • Enter the Stan James back odds.
  • Enter the exchange lay odds.
  • Enter the exchange commission.
  • Press enter on your keyboard.

Make sure you have enough money in the exchange to cover the liability of this bet. If you don't, either deposit more or look for something at lower odds. Place your Stan James Free back bet and then your exchange lay bet. Once these bets have settled, you should have made around £15 profit.



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