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Tutorial #2


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By now you should have done the first two sign up offers and be about £40 up. 


Important From now on, you need to use a spreadsheet, because your going to end up having money everywhere, and your lose track. 


Previously, using www.moneyaccumulator.co.uk you should have created an account at betfair, and you used his odds matching software to find a good match between the bookie odds, and the betfair odds so that your qualifying bet lost very little. 


He wants £23 a month to keep giving you the list of bookies and more importantly that odds matching software. 


You can get the odds matching software for free using http://www.oddsmonkey.com/ BUT, its only going to update every 30 mins, and your find it hard to find good bets, (but not impossible.) If you sign up to oddsmonkey they only want £8 a month, and id suggest you do this to get the latest odds. (Think about it, you just made £40 from your first two bets!)


So to summarize, get a spreadsheet going, and either pay for oddsmonkey or not. If you decide not to, you may have to manually look at the bookies website, and compare the odds to betfair. Although this is possible, it will take longer, and you could have simply used that time to make more money by doing more offers. 



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