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How has technology improved your life?


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Or, how do you use technology day to day?


Ill wake up in the morning, to a tablet beside my bed, streaming music (get a poor radio single in the bedroom) 


Ill use my phone to check the weather to see if ill be flying, and then use a whatsapp group to text all my students simultaneously.


The heating for each room will turn off as required depending on the day of the week, with a zoning heating system. 


When I dock my phone into my car, an app called automate it, will turn on the bluetooth, connect to the car, and launch waze automatically, which will then tell me the quickest route to work. 


On the way to work, ill blow up some portals in the online game Ingress


At work ill use whatsapp again, with the team I work with, as we can be separated across the airfield but need to communicate often. 


If im leaving work early ill turn the heating on at home from my phone, 


Ill use a petrol prices app to find the cheapest petrol on the way home. 


If im home before the wife, ill track her commute home, so I can time dinner for when she will get home. 


At the weekends, ill use a supermarket app, to find the cheapest place to stock up on my beer. 


Ill track deliveries from amazon etc, to know when to leave to go buy my beer,


Whilst at the supermarket, ill use a shared word document, me and the mrs share, with our shopping list on. 


Once back at home, ill use an odds matching software to work out which bets will guarantee me a profit. 



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Bloody hell Fon,


Dab radio wakes me up


Check weather if I'm golfing on smart phone (course shut today)


Use a golf app when playing to tell me how to hit the ball (seems to be faulty as the ball never goes that far)


Make a coffee from bean on Gaggia classic coffee maker


Check here and Torrent Day whilst I'm having my coffee and toast.


Get messages email/text notifications on my smart watch during the day (need to put my glasses on to see the messages wtf)


Use in car sat nav to get me to surveys.


Have Sonarr downloading tv series for evening viewing during the day.


Watch tv etc on Smart Tv with Nvidia Shield (Kodi/You Tube etc)


Listen to podcast on my phone to send me to sleep.


repeat the next day.

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