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Changing a light switch


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Hello all,

need to change kids light switch.

I disconnected power from fuse board, and put a meter to connections and was negative.

Then changed switch, turned on power, working fine.

My question is:

when I put the mater back on, it did not stay on a certain voltage, it went from 190 and down, then back to 190.

is this right? Or doing something wrong? 

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I took of switch completely, and tested and got a better reading.

I thought I could connect the probes and touch the Screws to get a reading.

My first time use 

i forgot to take pictures of before and after readings to show. I couldn’t hold the meter and take a picture.

just wanted to check I had meter on correct settings.


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Yes in uk, 

yes twin and earth,and did not have switch on when tested.

also as you can see I was on 200v as thought for 240v.

I use to use one of them light screwdrivers for testing, and was told not reliable, so thought so it the right way with a meter.

Thankyou 👍🏻👍🏻

will change to 600v and correct above.

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I changed to 600v and got a good result on a mains socket, touching the live and neutral screws.

Then testing again when mains was off 👍🏻

 Nice one Daveywavey, I thought I might of had a brand new faulty meter. 👍🏻


Also did try again on switch, but could not get a reading touching screws when on, or trying where cable comes in.

I disconnected the light switch, and got a reading with the bare cables.




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Now I would drop my usual bad attempt at humour here (have you tried turning it off and on again) but I think I might be pushing my luck a bit too much.

Glad you got your issue sorted, and cheers to Davey for the solutions.

I am actually down for replacing my voltmeter soon, and I must say, I really do like the look of the one you have !!

How much damage would that incurr if one was to buy one of those ?


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On 2/3/2021 at 10:36 PM, HackmanSlim said:

Kin ell, they've dropped in price since I last checked (maybe 20 years ago)


Cheers Minty, i'll get an order put through



I have gone through 2 of them lol there ok for a spot of DIY just triple check your settings before you probe or you will let the smoke out lol.  I was lucky enough to be gifted a fluke 79III by a friend when I blew my Screwfix one up setting up his nest thermostat lol 

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