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New Ecig regulations coming into effect 2016


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Govt. Response to TPD consultation 


The Govt have published their response to the TPD consultation.


This is what the regulations are going to be




The ecig stuff mostly starts from page 51 onwards.


If you want to skip the blurb and only read what the law is going to be - just read the bits in bold.





Haven't finished reading it in detail yet, but ............


Zero Nic juice will be EXEMPT from the juice regs - meaning easy to have larger range of flavours - however - you do have to have the juice tested for nic to prove that it is zero nic.





- There WILL be a notification scheme


- when submitting data, only studies that are available at the time of submission are required and that manufacturers are not required to carry out additional studies on toxicity, addictiveness etc.


- Will use the TPD definition of "electronic cigarette" and "refill container"


- When a notification is submitted, MHRA will publish all non-confidential information - manufacturer/importer will be able to determine which information they consider to be confidential.


- Secretary of State has power to order suppliers recall a product if it is considered to be dangerous.


- The following warning is required on e-cigs and refill contaniers - "This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance"


- The above warning only applies to products that contain nicotine at the time of sale.


- The Government will introduce proportionate fees to recover its costs.


- 12 MONTH Transition period until May 2017 to sell off old stock.

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All these regulation serve to achieve is to put the money back into big pharma and big tobacco's pocket.


All artisan producers/flavour houses will be pushed underground or stop producing all together, so we will be left with bland, tasteless 1st generation products.


I've always liked the black market anyway...

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