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UT 99


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unreal tornument 99 is available for free download.


We're going to get a server going soon!


Get practicing lol





EDIT** placing here so peeps can find it easy enough.


Here is a link for the full UT 99 install + patch (330MB) confirmed working on Win 10 x64 system.




Once you've installed and its working if you want better resolution and gfx in general then download the following 2 files,


UnrealTournament.ini file  https://ut99.org/download/file.php?id=2520


OpenGL renderer  https://ut99.org/download/file.php?id=2637


extract them both and place in your UnrealTournament/System folder overwriting the older ones if asked.


Should now have it installed, working and have the options to turn the resolution up etc.










*Edit by Mobisat


in the game, go to multiplayer, then click on open location, then type in ut.datashack.co.uk


**Edit end

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I cant get this to install and work mate...tried both links above and same issue as crash about "famale2voices" error, tried compat mode, tried runnign as admin, uninstalled tried both versions, did patch on both, tried without patch....nothing...same fooking error, run in safe mode and turn all sounds off i get nothing, just dosen't run. :S


Windows 10 x64 and obviously system is more than upto spec....will have a gander about and see if i can find a "fix"


I'm gonna download the proper thing...will get back to you and up the fiels etc if they work.


K full copy i got works fine, all patched and rdy to go....like minecraft with guns


Full install + patch + OpenGL renderer and UnrealTournament.ini files all added to Fons first post for those who need the game etc...confirmed as working.





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I'll have another go later but it made feel sick playing it. Maybe because don't know how to control the movement too good or maybe the download has given me epilepsy. I'll persevere.

I moved the jump action to the centre mouse button, made it easier, are there any other tips. On average i must get killed every 10 seconds, i need some pointers.

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