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Which sat nav is best ?


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So im looking for opinions as to which is best. I like co-pilot on the android phone - great for it's offline mode - which is where Google maps falls down. TBH I have had tomtom, sygic, navmii and waze on the phone. Waze was super bad as it relies totally on data.....but the others are much the same with my pref just edging to copilot as the availability of 1 years free traffic is a decent bonus.

What about the rest of you what do you guys use ?

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hijacking this thread a little, we exchanged our shinny iphones for windows phones recently and (free) satnav for these seems pretty poor. I used google maps which i was impressed with and its real time traffic info.


As it's a work phone I can't really root it (if windows phones can be rooted) and I'm too tight to pay for an app.


Does anyone have a suggestion for free satnav for windows phones with traffic info?

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Sygic on my phone. Got it cheap when an offer was posted.

Gone a bit downhill since the update Layout totally confuses me, can add a postcode ok but not the door number which you could before.

It gets me to most places ok.

Did try the Navigon app mik posted elsewhere but could get it to run.

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I used to use TomTom, then Sygic but have gone back to co-pilot that I used to use years ago. It's great.


If I'm going somewhere I use Google maps to find the exact spot I want to travel to then grab the co-ordinates from it for the destination and I use them in Co-pilot. That way I know exactly where I am going to end up rather than relying on postcodes. Co-ordinates can't change.

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install it on your phone its free. Other road users report speed traps, (mobile ones) pot holes etc.


It is without question the best for me, and re-routes you around traffic, but its live traffic. You can even talk to other users in the traffic jam and ask them whats happening up ahead etc.


It's so good google bought it and are trying to leech the data from it.



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I tried waze and it often crashes on my phone (note 4).


I purchased a Garmin sat-nav at xmas for my new job, it has voice recognition and dab traffic report. the traffic is shit on it.


Google maps is my main choice but I can't set it to avoid toll roads so have to be careful when routing around the m6.

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