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Iptv not working


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You need a vpn mate. My supplier got blocked on Sunday but i just turned my vpn and watched the games with no issues. The guy was pretty good though and made a vpn available for everyone. Trouble was that they need put a 20 odd digit code for both username and password but it seems to be working.

I think it's no coincidence that they went after all the suppliers on the first weekend on ppv football.



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Cheers guys

I used a vpn but it buffered like fuck. I used surfshark which is usually ok. Is there a better one? 

The list I was using was just an old one mik have me (I think) right enough but aye it works fine when there's no games on. 

But if anyone has a spare one drop me a message eh


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21 hours ago, Groundzero said:

was using a m3u Mik gave me with SurfShark VPN which has been working great but then every single channel went down about 10 days or so now, even tried it without VPN just to test but still nothing ( wouldnt IPTV without one normally, just asking for trouble). 

Hi Groundzero

Could be they changed they url or just the sub may have run out


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