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Public rejects 10yr prison sentences for online piracy


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Just seen this over on torrentfreak

Full article - https://torrentfreak.com/public-rejects-10-year-prison-term-for-online-piracy-160114/


The UK Government has published a summary of a recent public consultation into a planned prison term extension for online copyright infringement. The overwhelming majority of the public, 98 percent, reject the proposal arguing that it's too harsh. The authorities announce that they will take the comments and critique into account before moving forward.


10 years is a bit fooking ripe if you ask me,seeing as you can literally stab someone to death and be out in 5.

Now lets see if they ignore the public consultation and carry on regardless.

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Yeah 10 years is a bit OTT liek when you say you can get less for murder.


Thing is the world qwill be run by corps soon enough, we have all watched the films like robocop, hunger games etc etc...not that far from the truth tbh, this world is run on greed and as such you have the movie/record industries pulling MP strings etc....all i knwo for sure is 50 yearsd from now the world will probably be a real shit place to live.

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