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Eat out to help out, but eat in or you wont win


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Odd one this. 

Were being told up north you cant meet in your house with your own family, but you should still eat inside a restaurant. 

Yesterday I popped into the local harvester to see how busy it was. It didn't look busy and they seemed to have things under control. So tonight we visited. 

It was a bit nerve racking. Kids touching things, people serving drinks nearly holding the glass by the top lip. 

I dont think ill be going back. It was good to get the kids out, but I'm certainly anxious about the lack of appreciation for the second wave starting up in spain etc. 

From looking at the general public Im over reacting to this virus. But from chatting to my friends I seem to be as worried as them.


How do you guys feel? Is it all over and done with, or are you as paranoid as me?





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Pubs are open here but we're being told we can't visit peoples houses. 

I know it sounds daft but I suppose there's reasoning behind it.

I've been in one pub since lockdown started and it was pointless and souless, no music, no atmosphere and was dead.

Better off just staying in tbh 

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Our local pub only reopened 3 weeks ago. I say local but it's 2 miles away but the closest one to us. So far i've had 2 Sunday lunches there and was surprised by how quiet it was, normally you can't even get to the bar. 

The area where i live has had only a few cases so i guess it makes you more relaxed than if you live in or near a big city. I'm not all that freaked out by daily life but there's no way i'd go out anywhere within 5 miles of Leicester because of the peak they had and the fact that although the infection rates dropped, they still don't seem to be paying attention.

One things for sure though, this virus is going nowhere. Just look at France and Spain and you don't need to be a genius to see that it will almost certainly peak here again. 

My biggest worry about this whole thing is not so much me catching it, it's catching it and giving it to someone else that dies. I do think there's a massive overreaction to it though, if you're healthy then realistically you'd need to be pretty unlucky to die from it.

I don't stand at my car and worry that i might crash and die every time i drive to work or worry when i climb a ladder to do house maintenance. I'm just more accepting of the risk and take precautions and i think that's what we need to do with this.

I'm not a fan of the masks but wear one out of respect for other peoples opinions, i don't think it really makes all that difference when you're only popping into a shop for a short space of time but i do get pissed off when i see people not wearing them. Just have a bit of respect for people who are not quite handling the situation as well as you might be. I've dealt with people through work who have only just started going out again after months of lockdown, mentally i think it effects people in different ways.

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