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I've booked Las Vegas, it will be my first trip to America. I don't know why i've never been but i know i'm really looking forward to it. Normally we end up in Asia or last year it was Egypt the day after the Russian jet blew up. We decided then that we wouldn't be going muslim countries for a while but i'd already booked Vegas before we went.

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Hi just wondered if anyone had already books their holidays for this year ?. I am going to book in the next couple of weeks for Malta. I love it there, people are so friendly. 


Lets hope you don't bump into the Grinch aka Malta's Casanova. or so he says . lol


Btw has he joined here ?

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Haven't been there for about 9 years and always to Puerto Rico before, going to Playa del Ingles this time so hope it isn't too much like Jeremy Kyle!! Kids are mostly happy with pool and beach but might go off somewhere, Palmitos Park maybe?


Yes mate, Palmitos Park is open again after the Forrest fires there 3 years ago.


The aqua park is still open there. Puerto Rico ain't the place it used to be. Its gone a bit grotty, needs an overhaul.


Playa will be full of Scandi's and Germans at the time we are going. They are there till April time, its their season. Have some food in Kim's Bar in the Gran Chaparral. Its good.She always has all the sport on and if ya missus wants the soaps, as well.


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