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whatcha playing these days


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got myself a ps4 the other week as the kid had more or less confiscated the one i had from the day i got it.

didnt really know what games to get so just went for the old faves, tomb raider, cod mw and wwii, some driving thing and far cry 5

ive had a shot of them all but mostly been on far cry, hardly seen any tv in about 2 weeks, im totally addicted to it ffs, even started humming the fucking prayer music in it. i need to find something else to play or ill go insane lol

had a beta code for cod4 over the weekend, that was good but most of the cods are very samey same after a while 

so whats good and you playing

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I actually purchased a PS1 a month or so back and shoved a chip in it to bypass the old loader check, used an old gold card I managed to find lol. Then I had to mess with a converter to get the Video on my 49” LG  

Now I played the old favourites. You know Crash; V Rally, Touring Cars etc using the old PS1 controller, it was ace and you know what I had more fun on those games than any of the modern ones.  So I am either getting older or the gameplay was better years ago ?


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