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Playing kung fu master on my arcade with my 10 year okd


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12 minutes ago, Minty said:

Good evening all,

England out, playing Kung fu master on my arcade machine.

if need help I’ll send you tons.

what have you been up to ?

Now playing simpsons, makes a change from Facebook and snapchat lol

12 minutes ago, Minty said:



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3 hours ago, Fon said:

Lots of tuts on youtube of making your own cabinet, Been meaning to do it for years..



Yeah , have seen them and really fancy doing one when I get time, although often think about buying an old cabinet and modifying to save time but would prefer to build my own from scratch.

Got an old 24" LCD TV , never actually been used so more like new , so have the main parts just the cabinet and controls would be needed.

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funnily enough i found a load of old ps3 games the other week so have been knee deep in rage, gran turisimo 5, doom etc but far cry 3 has been the worst, that olde ill just do one more mission, then its suddenly 3am shit came back lol

amazing how i remember every aspect of all the games but cant remember where i put the remote for the telly

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