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pointless oxygen wasting useless f&%$£%$^%$££$%rs


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got asked to change all the internal door codes in my work, its not my job but i know how to do it on the works internal system, the guy whos meant to do it is what can only be described as a useless (see title).

its quite complicated as its a fooker of a system with loads of different doors, loads of different users using varying doors etc but i plods along and does it in about 2.5 hours. im on the radio to the twat whos going to various doors making sure the changes stick. it all works out ok eventually. everyone is phoned and emailed the codes they need and are allowed.

im trolling round the building about an hour later an notice wee stickers above all the keypads on the door,

hes only gone and printed out the new door codes a selotaped them to each door.

i have a mini nervous break down and summon him to my office, why the fuck did you do that i asks him in a not too happy way, im doing your job for you and your making it a total pointless waste of time.

he just answers "so people dont get confused about what the code is".


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