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Christmas Lights


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Was going to do something like this a few years ago, but never got round to it due to life in general.
Anyways, this year I decided I was going put some lights up, and this is how it turned out.
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Crazy thing.. its probably not that much more, or perhaps even cheaper to do this, than buying lights from the local B&Q etc..

The whole show (as of this afternoon) is now running on a raspberry PI (instead of my PC) and an bt home hub 5. Most of the items are controlled by 1 x ESP8266 (£4), except the big tree which I thought I'd use 2, so it updated a little faster. These are programmed with ESP Pixel Stick software (free and open source).

The LED's themselves are £6-7 on ebay for a string of 50 (all individually controllable) and you can link 1,2,10 strings together etc. Power supplies ~£15 on ebay. I've used 2 on the whole display.

The roof bar things, are just 32mm plastic waste pipe from B&Q with the LED's shoved inside, and the big star at the top of the house is just 2 lengths of white conduit cut into pieces, which is drilled with a countersink bit every 2" to make a hole for the LED's. The center is two 4 way conduit connection boxes bolted back to back.

The singing tree I cnc'd some 3mm coro (sign board) plastic on my CNC, poked the LED's in. was £15 for a 8ft x 4ft sheet.

FM transmitter which is also a USB sound card, £6 on ebay :)

Software - Vixen 3 (free open source)

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1 hour ago, the_dvd_guru said:

keep saying i am going to do this and i never do :(


Yep, did the same myself. Was about 6 year ago started building a dimmer controller, that was long before all these new fangled addressable LED's tho. They make the job SOOOOOO much easier now. you could easily knock up a show for about £40 with a couple of esp's and a few strings of LED's.

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