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Breakdown Cover (Terms & Conditions) help needed


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My son's breakdown is due up so I'm shopping around and I noticed alot of the cheaper offers and some very stringent Terms & Conditions, one been recovery. Start Rescue say that, if you breakdown and it's non repairable then they will tow you to the nearest garage from the breakdown point or, if it's out of hours then to either your destination or home "WHICHEVER IS NEAREST" .

My son travels to and fro Yorkshire and back from Lancashire so if he breaks down I would prefer the car coming here or the garage round the corner not to fookin sat Leeds or Sheffield at night then dumped for us to tow home. I'm sick of looking so does anyone know of a company that do this bring you home or to a designated garage of your choice ?. Alos no excess, and min 3 call outs a year ?.

Sick of looking 

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Maybe i'm reading your request wrong as I thought they all did the "Home or destination" bit as standard. Anyway RAC do it for £109 per year or if you have Tesco clubcard points - £37 worth gets you roadside and nationwide rescue which is what you are essentially after. That is how I pay mine every year lol that way it doen't "feel" like I am paying anything lol. Here is the page - https://www.rac.co.uk/tesco-clubcard

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