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There are ceramic heads on the market that don't take e juice, you just drop in your ganja and burn away....


He was told that an extract oil is available, which after three puffs will give him the best high.. ever !

I googled it and i see there is Hash oil & Hemp oil.. is one of those it ?

Tbh, i dont know f.a about this stuff >>   http://www.apollyon.nl/cbd-oil/

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He's probably talking about dabs or dabbing a THC oil extract if he's after the strongest stuff m8

You extract the thc by various methods like BHO, QWISO, rosin tek..... which you can then vape via dabbing (basically dabbing blobs of the oil onto something hot to make it evaporate).

There's quite a few oil/wax atomiser ecig heads available but most suffer with the same airflow issues after a couple of uses as the sticky oil cools in the air channels if the airflow comes up from under the coil so you want 1 with a bowl for the oil to pool in as it warms up and the airflow coming in from above or the side of the bowl ideally for minimal maintenance.

You can make canna eliquid with the oil too by diluting the oil by about 3 to 1 or so with pg or vg and warming it a bit to make an emulsion runny enough to vape in a normal ecig. Infusing a pg/vg base liquid with raw dried flowers also is possible too but they can't hold much thc before they become saturated so some people are using the PEG eliquid bases for better solubility but they say the PEG does have a bit of a taste to it.


The world of portable dry herb vapes has really come on since the US started relaxing prohibition btw. All the dry herb atomisers you can buy to work with normal ecig battery mods are shite but some of the dedicated devices like the Mighty, Crafty, Haze 3, Pax 2, Firefly 2 ... are pretty good and often come with attachments for vaping oils and waxes, if you don't mind spending a few quid on a dedicated device.

The fuckcombustion forums are good for info n reviews on the vapes, different extraction techniques and all the different extract names n stuff too btw.

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