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New washer/dryer time any recommendations


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So I've come to the point were I'm not prepared to throw any more fooking money at repairing this LG washer dryer. I replaced everything to do with the dryer side of it from sensors to elements and the fockers gone again giving DHE error. Not to mention pumps and seals and God knows what fookin else so after 7 years it's time to bin the fooker and look for a new un.

So, I'm after something big

min 9kg pref 6kg drying or bigger

Brushless motor

graphite or white (not black) 

Must have a 24hr timer and a short quick 30minute wash

And nothing over £600 tops, bar that I'm game on


The only one I've spotted so far that looks OK is a Hotpoint at under £500

Any suggestions ? I can't keep putting the wife's draws on the line, our neighbors put a complaint in to the Council saying were blocking the light in their garden

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I'll swear, I'll put a fookin hammer through this thing. I flipped the lid off and twiddled with a few wires, the heat sensors and the dryer element. I did notice the ceramic type push on covers that hook up to the element prongs was cracked and I'm beginning to think it's working itself slightly loose when spinning and washing.

Can you solder these on and tape up ?

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