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How much do you spend on holidays a year?


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I'm talking weekend breaks, full weeks away etc?


Do you have a budget?


The oldest is 7 now, and I'm starting to find the Mrs just books stuff with no idea of having a budget. 


So I'm looking for a budget? 


Is that how you guys do holidays or is everything just on a case by case basis?



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Went to Berlin for 8 days last year with the boy and took €1000.
Was way too much spending money tho and ended up spending 300 in the Adidas shop on the last day and came home with about 200.

It all depends where your going I'd say. 1000 is too much for normal days about in a cheap city but if your off to Ibiza then you'll need 3 times that.

Airbnb is shit hot for weekends away too. Either that or get a local theatres digs list for cheap rooms or houses.

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We decided to go to Europe this year. With the exchange rate on the floor we opted for all inclusive. Cost £1200 each for 2 weeks in 5 star, 4.5 on trip advisor hotel. We are going to Porto Santo just off the coast of Madeira in Portugal. The place is supposed to be pretty quiet and idyllic, perfect for the kind of chilled out holiday we want. We'll budget about a 800 euros to spend eating out a few times and hiring an electric car for a day and so on because there's absolutely nothing there to spend your money on. So the whole holiday costs about 3 grand which i don't think is too bad to stop in a top hotel that's so well reviewed. I think the all inclusive is worth it, you can easily stop in a nice hotel and think you've spent nothing until you get a room bill that makes your eyes water, just stuff like drinks and lunch during the day can mount up.

Last year we went to Las vegas, that did cost a hell of a lot. 2 weeks at the MGM Signature and spending money was close to 6 grand but we did buy a hell of a lot of clothes and stuff while we were there but all from discount malls.I made a big mistake though, Brexit happened in the first week and we had only changed half our money and overnight we lost 20% on everything. I don't gamble much but won a few hundred dollars on the machines so i figured i got back some of what we lost in the currency exchange balls up.

Just one more week to go before my holidays, i can't TBH. 

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Went to Boston this year, flights and hotel was £3000 for the three of us just wanted to do something different this year but we are already talking about next year and quite like the sound of some of these Euro parks there seems to be some really great deals out there and theirs loads for kids to do at them. There is also these new cheap air lines going to the states seen return flights from the states for £170 per person.  

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Going Tenerife Soul in the Sun November, paid £1000 for a week all inclusive me and the missus no kids I've been Tenerife but not the Soul in the Sun. Taking a grand spenders, I'm hoping that should be enough to fill the suitcases with backa :). I went Florida about 8-9 years ago when the kids were small 5 of us and it took 2 years to pay it off. The £2500 spenders budget went clean out the window once we hit the shopping malls probably ended up doing £5000 in 2 weeks

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Went to Santa Ponsa (majorca) in July, was fantastic, great hotel and location, only 2 1/2 hour flight time from Manchester, transfers were by coach but only about 40 min and on time.

Self catering as we like to get out and about exploring and doing things rather than stay in a hotel wasting away around a pool etc.

Was only a 3 star hotel but was very clean and really nice tbh (better than i expected), the staff were great and the hotel had pool, bar, al a carte restaurant and evening entertainment, right on the sea front in the town so everything like markets, shops etc was to hand and within walking distance.

Was £1080 for me, the wife and daughter (14) for flights and hotel for 7 nights and we took €1000 to live on for the week and did everything we wanted too.

First day we explored the hotel, local area and found nice places to eat and what not and enjoyed the evening entertainment in the hotel.

Went to Aqualand water park for the day (biggest on the island, €150 for the day including food (€5 for a portion of chips ffs) and fast passes (€12 each) which were a must)

Day at the beach (cost fook all other than food for the day, daughter bought herself a giant lilo) 

Jungle park (like go ape only way bigger and better), spent most of the day there (€70), was quiet people wise, did a course in the morning that took us about 2 1/2 hours, had lunch that we took with us then did another course in the afternoon, again took us about 2 1/2 hours

Boat trip outing (€60 for 3 of us for a 5 hour trip that stopped off for snorkeling and at beaches that were only accessible via boat).

Jet boat trip (€50 for about 40 min so that was a bit expensive but lots of fun).

When eating out the food was pretty much the same cost as it would be here and it was very nice, large pizza for instance was €9 but fed all three of us as it was huge. None alcoholic drinks could be expensive, can of coke/fanta etc for instance were on average €2.


Like i say, we all did everything we wanted to do, we ate well and generally had a great holiday, weather was sunny every day with an average 30C each day, hot but not too hot you could not go and do anything, plus as we went the week before kids were off school it was quieter then the weeks after would have been, our flights were night flights but we were not arsed either way and everything flight wise went like clockwork from start to finish.

If anything the only thing that pissed me off in any way was the tourist tax you have to pay when you get to the hotel, can't remember exactly what it was as it wasn't that much but IMHO it was liberty.


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