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Edit and splice small mp4 movies, help needed


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My son is trying to earn a few bob while at college just singing and performing in the pubs so the other night a took about 15 small mp4's on my phone at one of his gigs. I would like to edit them say about 4-5 songs down to say 15-20 seconds each clip, join them up by fading them into one another but tbh I am absolute fookin garb at this.


Whats the best simplest (and I mean this) "Idiot friendly" software to use ?. It doesnt have to be glamorous it's just for Facebook or to send to agents who have requested live footage. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

I do have Photoshop CC 2015 installed but it has more fookin buttons than a Pearly King & Queen so I just closed it

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You know my better half needed to do something really simple like this a few weeks back, diddn't want to over complicate it with software, and the freebies out there are riddled with spyware or ads...


I went back to the basics and went for windows movie maker.. it was simple, drag drop and does what she needed... Windows 10 stopped it but there is a way to still get it:


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Right chaps I've got the clips all split and saved using Movie Maker. I'm up to joining them up but with a slight fade into each rather than a sudden stop start. I looked in effect and tried the fade in black fade out black but it only worked at the very beginning of all the clips and at the end not all the joints in the middle

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