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the stupid things people do and say thread


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ill start off with....


in work early this morning and one of the crew(a) pipes up "every time i make coffee in here its very sweet"

so crew (b) pipes up "put less sugar in it then"


theres a light bulb moment on crew (a) like hes just discovered the meaning of life as he walks away mumbling "less sugar!!!" 


crew b c d e f etc are pissing themselves laughing.


(maybe you had to be there lol)

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The neighbour teaches first aid. Also likes dogs, (rescues them from dogs homes etc)


I bump into her husband outside, and he tells me she's started a company teaching first aid for dogs. IE people love their dogs and may want to be more knowledgeable if they get problems etc.


Sounds like a cracking idea, so I go inside and tell the Mrs that the neighbour is teaching first aid for dogs.


Her reply?


"Well that makes sense as they have guide dogs!"




"Yea they have guide dogs, so I cant see why that wont happen!"


She fucking thought the dog would be the one administering the first aid!




You cant make this shit up!



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