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Italian, scot and chinese


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An Italian, a Scotsman and a Chinaman, are hired at a construction site.


The foreman pointed to a huge pile of sand.


He said to the Italian, 'You're in charge of sweeping.'


To the Scotsman he said, 'You're in charge of shoveling.'


To the Chinaman, 'You're in charge of supplies.'


He then said, 'I have to leave for a little while. I expect you men to


make a dent in that pile of sand.'


When the foreman returned after a couple of hours, the pile of sand was




He asked the Italian, 'Why didn't you sweep any of it?'


The Italian replied, 'I hava no broom. You saida to the Chinafella he was


a ina charge of supplies, but he hasa disappeared and I no coulda finda


him nowhere.'


Then the foreman turned to the Scotsman and said, 'And you, I thought I


told you to shovel this pile.'


The Scotsman replied, 'Aye, that ye did laddie, but ah could nae get


myself a shoovel. Ye left th' Chinese gadgie in chairge of supplies, but


ah could fin' him either.'


The foreman was really angry and stormed off towards the pile of sand to


look for the Chinese gent.


Just then, the Chinaman leapt out from behind the pile of sand and yelled,



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@ snuffs....


That was bad, really really bad.


@ktv - i wouldn't dare repeat the joke to my lad for fear of being rejected for evermore.



Haha, i don't see whats wrong with it. Makes me chuckle (SUPPLIES). :)


Actually reminds me of lethal weapon with Benny with his flied rice.   :D



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