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Bank card no working (I'm no that angry)


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Pain the the arse.

About two weeks ago I was in town, used my card in a machine and it seemed to take an age for it to spit the money out, but it did eventually.


Next morning on the way to work went to use an atm n it just spat my card out, no pin number asked for, nothing. Tried it in a few machines and all the same.


Phones the bank and after the guy says "did you try rubbing it" [emoji35] he decides the card is broken so we'll send a replacement.

So for nearly two weeks I couldn't use the machines so just put money in my mates accounts when I needed it and they went to the atm for me. Pain in arse but not the end of the world.

PayPal etc all still worked cause the card hadn't been cancelled so my eBay stuff etc all still worked.


New card doesn't come tho, I phones up and they say If it's not here by the next day phone back. Still doesn't come so I phones up and they "cancel the card" but I'm thinking no probs I'll just get a new one sent soon.


Then i sits for half this morning trying to

Set up my mates iptv and it is taking well longer than I expected, just can't get it to work so emails the host. He says no payment received. . I'm like I Fekkin sent it so checks PayPal, no payment sent wtf!!! Tries again, nope. I'm using my phone to do it so can't read the error message cause it's too small. Tried tried tried again same error, tries to pay for the ebay stuff I won last night, nope nothing.

Decides to copy the error text and stick it in a sms to see what it says,,,,,

Yip youd have guessed now, card has been declined ffs.

Phones the bank, "oh Ye we cancelled it cause you said it was lost" I'm like it was Fekkin you who said it was lost not me, I've got the Fekkin thing in my hands it just doesn't work, so they put me through to complaints, my first sentence to the guy is "I'm not making a complaint I just need a solution on how I can pay for my online stuff" and after a wee convo it becomes clear there isn't one. So the guy says he'll listen to what was said when I phoned about my card not arriving and comes back on 2 mins later saying they should have told me that because it was a replacement card that was getting cancelled my old details wouldn't work, sorry about that here's £50.


But what do I tell the ebay people, no one will believe the oh I've lost my card bollox.

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Never thought off a pay n card, I'll have a look cheers.

I'll need to sort something out for PayPal as I doubt peeps will wait.


Got a letter off a courier today saying they had my card, the now cancelled ones ffs.

Bank said they should have delivered it on Monday.



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