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I'd probably of ignored it to begin with but after a while i'd have probably stood up because i'd feel self conscious. Once the group whittled down i'd have asked what it was all about.

Probably more to do with being in a strange environment and feeling that i'd probably missed out on the instruction and explanation of why we were doing it and if i was getting a free eye test i'd have put up with it. If i was paying for the eye test i wouldn't have stood up.

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LMFAo thats actually quite funny and scary at the same time...i'd like to say there is no way i'd do that (seriously don't think i would tbh as i'm gobby and would have to know why i'm doing it).... but its easy when i've watched a vid on youtube and not actually in that environment.



Very interesting

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I'd have flipped out  :P


I was the only person in the room to actually notice one of these damn games once. Sat there for an hour with an exam paper in front of me that said to read all the questions carefully and basically instructed you to only write your name then sit quietly with your arms folded for the next hour.

Teacher was right miffed that I spotted it lol

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