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Finally managed to get a bit of fishing in


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Headed out over the weekend with a few tubs of worms and my backpack chair for the first time this year. As a lot of you know, i havent been up to it this past year or so but new treatment seems to have had a positive effect. It was a reall gem of an evening. Came away with a cople of nice wee brownies at just over 1lb each and returned abt 6 or 7 others. The brother came with me and he caught FA lol. Needless to say he got a real ribbing on FB lol.

Any of you lot do the fishing thing?

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Did you catch the carp fishing normally or was it ninja style fishing. Its not a style of fishing i ever tried but ive seen a few progs on discovery where they sneak up and be so stealthy to catch the buggers.

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