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Welcome back


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Now Fon has activated my account i can start posting!!


Must say i do like the new look of the shack, colours and style is just a nice modern and simple look


Glad to have a home back again....tried the rest now back to the best


Lets hope the old gang finds this awesome place


Well done to the people involved in getting this up and running so quickly

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Welcome back mate. So good to see a lot of old names returning.


i am sure the others will follow once word gets about as the film goes "if you build it, they will come"...well you have done your part, just gotta wait for the bus to arrive!!


Must say, i really do like the colour scheme - so easy on the eye, prob the best style i have seen in a long while


Well done for the hard work, i personally would not have a clue where to start!!

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bob...looks like someone has stolen all your posts again


i would have a word about that ;) lol


Aye I think this time they are gone for good


I had a number of aliases but most recently 'scott' .


Spent most of my early days helping out in the tv and console sections.


It will come back to me :)

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