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Fault finding on a laptop for ages, and then the answer was so simple!


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Bloody windows 7 laptop, randomly shutting down on its own. 


No, prompt, no windows is installing updates etc, just shutting down!




Tried everything, bios updates, driver updates etc. 


Then rebuilt it. 


Problem still exists.




Tried different power supply s etc,


Then, today instead of powering down, it actually hibernated!


Interesting, as it should only do that when shutting the lid on battery's, as if I shut the lid with power, it shuts down. 


And low and behold it was on battery, so the problem must be it thinks im shutting the lid. 


Turns out it knows iv shut the lid, as it has a magnetic sensor on the left hand side of the keyboard, and iv been wearing a magnetic watch strap for months!


FFS, talk about wasting hours and hours trying to fault find it!



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[emoji23] [emoji23]

I sat for ages trying you fix my boys Wi-Fi connection on his lappy a few weeks ago only to discover the router wasn't connected to the phone line ffs.


No Fekkin idea how that happened cause it's behind the couch.

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