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NHS hit by major cyber attack with hackers demanding ransom


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Fucking joke of the NHS tbh, what do they expect when 90% of their trusts are using outdated software....and lets be honest its not exactly "slightly" out of date either.


Whats more of a piss take is that the NHS was meant to be getting all new IT infrastructure years ago at a stupid cost to the taxpayers and this is the result? Their whole IT dept needs sacking.

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The irony of it is that most of it is outsourced... actually ended up doing some work with their so called techs at one point and was a mess, couldn't tie their shoes let alone do anything else... its a digital war now and we are no where near ready!



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Gone worldwide now (99 countries)...think someones been playing with leaked NSA software by any chance?....joke a minute.


Avast alone reports 75,000 cases worldwide....X by $300.


Ahh BBC got the story.


A massive cyber-attack using tools believed to have been developed by the US National Security Agency has struck organisations around the world.

Computers in thousands of locations have been locked by a programme that demands $300 (£230) in Bitcoin.

In April hackers known as The Shadow Brokers claimed to have stolen the tools and released them online.

Microsoft released a patch for the vulnerability in March, but many systems may not have been updated.

How big is the attack?

There have been reports of infections in 99 countries, including the UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan.

Cyber-security firm Avast said it had seen 75,000 cases of the ransomware - known as WannaCry and variants of that name - around the world.

"This is huge," said Jakub Kroustek at Avast.



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It's nuts...


But I really want it to be a 16 year old kid who was just having a laugh, will just show the finance teams how much should have been invested into the protection of such event.


MS released the patch 2 months ago for this!



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it does sound like its some numpty that has just released it en mass , surely no real ransomer would expect the nhs and the likes to cough up.


even though the problem was fixed by ms before it even started you can bet your last 2p itl be used as an excuse for the gov to go mental in some way or another.

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I may be a bit dumb here but how do they get away with it.  If you have to pay a ransom is it not possible to follow the trail?  There is some pretty clever guys out there is it not possible to get to the source?

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ive heard of bitcoin but not how it works.  So how do you transfer this to hard cash?


Can either sell bitcoins private in small batches or use one of the exchanges like MTGOX etc which will then pay into your bank etc etc.


Thing with bitcoin is once they move it out of the wallet they are using for payments from this hack then its almost impossible to trace after that, even more so if they do multiple bitcoin transfers before they get to the withdraw stage.

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Interesting stuff, the way it works.


I like the way they're now saying please don't edit the kill switch address or it'll just carry on spreading lol


Hardly seems worth it for the $35 000 they made this weekend (less than 150 payments so far) against what they've caused and the punishment coming their way if they get caught.

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